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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon

Mar 4, 2006

Design Winners

CONGRATS to Joyce and Shirley for the AWESOME desgin. It was a rough choice, but this final design was to cool to pass up. This design will be on the back of the SimplyStu Worldwide Traithlon T-Shirts. Shirley and Joyce also designed a special logo to go on the front of the T-Shirts! Hope you all love the design as much as I do. Thanks to all that sent in designs.

Still time to sign up and join THE WORLD on this special day! Come be a part of history!!!

Race Details

Prizes: Come on, this is Stu, you know Stu-ie Swag will be abundant! Also, for those who register for the T-Shirt, you will be entered in a drawing for a free entry to a race! SimplyStu will sponsor you (up to 100$) for a race entry fee!!!!

When: March 25th and 26th

Why: (1) Will serve as a pre-season warm up race that will give newbies confidence & advanced Triathletes a good brick workout. (2) Do a world wide race the same day as people from all around the world. From Texas to Wisconsin and from Australia to South Africa. Join the triathlon community and enjoy a race with fellow Triathletes from around the world

Distance: ¼ mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 5k run

How?: Just complete the 3 events over the weekend. You can do them all together if you can, or separate them if you need to. Just make sure you complete them on March 25th and/or 26th. You can do them at your home, with a friend, or at the health club. Just get out and do it!

Results: You need to E-Mail me the results at I also want PICTUREs, AUDIO, and STORIES from the race.

thirteen and a half years ago

Wow! Nice job on the shirt design! Way to go Joyce and Shirley! Thanks for all your hard work putting this together, Stu. You\'re Awesome!

thirteen and a half years ago


one more there any chance u can turn that logo into a swim cap..i WOULD LOVE to have one of those.