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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

A Team RaceAthlete get together. Come join us!

Oct 11, 2006

Come on Team RaceAthlete. I would love to meet you!  Please come out to meet other RaceAthlete members! Many people will be in Boulder late Friday and all day Saturday October 20-21st! Would love to see you all! CYA in Boulder.

wrenching winz
thirteen and a half years ago

How about a regional meeting: you know north, south east west kind of thing?

thirteen and a half years ago

That\'s be great except for the fact that I am in NorCal! Anyone out here want to get together?

thirteen and a half years ago

I am SO THERE!!! I\\\'d love to meet everyone and hear stories. What\\\'s the details? When, where, how? yadda yadda I don\\\'t have any money so no meals for me but hell, I can\\\'t miss it for the world!

Dawn - Pink Chick
thirteen and a half years ago

T\'would be cool but can\'t make it this year. Perhaps another one somewhere in 2007.

thirteen and a half years ago

\"CYA\" in boulder? \"CU\" in Boulder....(University of Colorado is in Boulder)

Stu, you have to do all the boulderites a favor and post your time up super flagstaff!!

thirteen and a half years ago

Dang..would love to come.but i am all the way on the up here in Canada...