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Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Ironman Wisconsin 2007 - Stu is in!

Aug 3, 2006

You can try all you want, but there are things in life that are impossible to explain unless you experience them first hand. Ironman is one of those. I have struggled both times in the past to finish. In 2003 I had emergency surgery just 17 days prior to the race. I was in bed for 7 days, and was unable to walk 10 feet just 7 days out. I was able to recover just enough to start and several hours later finish my 1st Ironman with a huge smile on my face. In 2005 I was in great shape, much better than in 2003, and I felt invincible. I was sure that I had figured out the race, and never thought twice. I made rookie mistakes. I took the race for granted. I took the heat for granted. After 90 miles on the bike in blistering 93 degree heat, I lost 11 pounds and had to stop. I made my children a promise that I would never get so bad that I went home in an ambulance. I was able to walk off under my own power. Do you know how hard it is to see you children and wife back at the transition area after dropping out? They both had bought Ironman necklaces' that day. They smiled as best they could and handed me the necklaces. I still have them to this day, and WILL wear them in 2007. When I cross the finish line, they will get them back, a few years late. I have never dropped out of any sporting event in my life. This has been on my mind every day since. I will be 40, and plan to do it right. I have the "ok" from the family, and I do not take this "ok" lightly. This is a huge sacrifice to have someone train for a year for this event.

I would love to have you join in this journey. Do you want to do it with me? You have only 5 weeks to think about it, as the race will fill fast. Don't take this decision lightly. This is a life changing decision. There are few things in life that compare to being called an Ironman! I was once an "Ironman" but feel I owe it to myself and the race to do it once more. Life is so short. Come on the journey. You will never regret it!

I will be following my progress on the Podcast, but would like to go one step further. I have some very special plans to include a few of you. Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a special Ironman journey for 2007? Let me know. You may be able to join Team Stu for 2007.

almost fourteen years ago

After all the talk I have heard from Wil & Kahuna about you, I just had to come see your site! I look forward to listening to your podcasts as well.

IM Wisconsin is one that is on my list to do. I watched it in 2003 and thought it was great.

I don\'t know about a special story to tell. For me, I am currently signed up for IMCDA 2007. This IM will be almost as important as doing my first(IMC 2003). I have had A LOT of life issues to deal with in the past 2 years and lost my way. Now, I am ready to get myself back to that start line as 2007 will be about me getting my life back.

I look forward to hearing your podcast as you train for IMWI 2007!

almost fourteen years ago

Hi Stu,
Between you and Roman and Bolder and Wil...the seed for Wisconsin has been planted. Now, all I have to do is jump ...or not! Undecided at this time but definitely thinking about it!
I completed IM Canada in 1995. Did OK on very little training and no support from the guy I was married to at the time. We went to Canada together, and to make a long story short, he wasn\'t man enough to meet me at the finish line when I crossed. I sat and cried and watched other families rejoice as their loved ones crossed the line. My \"was -band\" was at a topless bar, come to find out. (Hence the WAS-band!) So... flash forward to now,happily remarried and supported psychologically for my training and racing, I need to go back to see what that feels like...someone giving me a great big hug and congratulations at the finish!

almost fourteen years ago

Hi Stu, I would love to do it with you, but I just went to the web site and it sals 2007 is sold out!?! It said 2006 was sold out yesterday!! How do I get in? Or is it too late already? Thanks.

almost fourteen years ago

At 35 y.o. I decided to get into triathlons as a way to get in shape and be a good role model to my kids, with the goal of doing an IM at 40 y.o.
I\'m now 43 and have done 2 HIM and several Oly\'s and sprints.
Got the go ahead from the family and I\'m finally going to tackle an IM. All my training from now on is devoted to the goal of finishing IMWI 2007 happy and healthy.
Count me in Stu!

Stephen McKenna
almost fourteen years ago

I\\\'ve had IM Wisconsin as my goal ever since I decided to get into triathlons. Your video coverage of the course gets me so excited and has been great for visualizing the event. I\\\'d love to do IM Wisconin in 07, but I\\\'m worried that I won\\\'t be able to sign-up before it gets filled up. Do you know what the best way is to sign up for the race for someone out of state and when registration opens?

Thanks for all the motivation. Your podcast is awesome!

almost fourteen years ago

It takes a lot of guts just to attempt that first swim stokre twoard the finish line. We will all be here right behind you.

almost fourteen years ago

Hiya Stuy,
I am so excited for you! I can\'t wait to be along the route cheering you on and would love to meet you out on some training rides. I\'ll give you a run for your money up these WI hills! Remember how awesome you felt racing at St. Anthony\'s because you knew your faithful fans were listening? Well, we will all be with you on this race too, and you will totally kick some butt. Way to go!

almost fourteen years ago

Hey Stu, I just got my sony PSP working on my wifi network and tuned into you and your fabulous interviews.. I\\\"m 90/10 on finally doing IM-Wisconsin in 2007.. It\\\'s been a long road. I\\\'ve been wanting to sign up since 2002 when I went to hand out water there. Hopefully, I\\\'ll see you there. Good luck.

almost fourteen years ago

I did my first half distance this year and am really considering Madison for 2007. With ironman races filling up within hours of opening up registration, what\'s the best way to get in? Is it better to show up in person on the Monday it opens? P.S. You\'ve got the best podcast out there.

Iron Wil
almost fourteen years ago

YOU are the biggest inspiraion ever. I can\'t thank you enough for everything you\'ve done for me with this race - you know I\'m in your corner no matter what. Rock on, podfather :) You\'re going to make history!!!!!

almost fourteen years ago

Very Kewl...
I\\\'m not planning to do IMWI 07...yet:) I\\\'d like to devote next year to my bike. But I\\\'ll definitely be up for training rides.

almost fourteen years ago

Hey Stu,
Congrats on making the decision to do Ironman in 2007. I am also going to do one, my 2nd, in Canada and will signing up 3 weeks from today (Yikes!)
It will also be my first attempt at a set time after just wanting to finish my first one in 2005. I want sub-11 hours next year!

almost fourteen years ago

I\'m in!

21 years ago I said I would never run another marathon. Then I got involved with triathlon. In April I made the decision to do IMWI 2007. Nothing like putting your last 26.2 at the end of 114.4.

My goal = finish with a smile.

almost fourteen years ago

You know, if I knew how to swim, you could almost talk me into this. :)


almost fourteen years ago

Congrats Stu. You\'ll rock at IMWI 07. Wish I could do it with you, but I\'ll be doing IMFL in 07. I\'ll be cheering for all you Wisconsin guys though. Good luck...only a year and change to train.

almost fourteen years ago

go stu go! I\\\'ll be cheering LOUDLY! I\\\'ll meet you out on long rides and feed you. I will NOT train with you!

almost fourteen years ago

To quote you, \"that\'s wickedly cool\" that you are going to do IMWI in 07. I\'m also planning on signing up for WI 07.