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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

It's all about friends. No question.

Jul 2, 2007

We are close. Only 70ish days to Ironman. This is when the fun really begins. This is when the friendships are cemented. So many things yet to experience. You know why this is so great? When the dust settles, I know I will have a few special people waiting for me at the finish line. That is worth gold!

Steve Stenzel
over twelve years ago

Nope, YOU\\\'LL be waiting for ME at the finish line! It was great seeing you again this past weekend! Thanks for leading us out on the run - I didn\\\'t get to see you again to say bye!

over twelve years ago

I will see you at the finish line my friend. Guaranteed.

over twelve years ago

I\\\'m on target to be able to complete this task; but, I hope you can stay up late.

Rural Girl
over twelve years ago

Maybe me!! Ha, ha, he, he. Totally kidding. A girl can dream, right?

over twelve years ago

Wow, check out all that GREEN! It must be nice. Here\\\'s a pix of what\\\'s like in my neck of the woods. The Inland Empire.

over twelve years ago

enough said.. that was great!


Iron Pol
over twelve years ago

I\'ll have to get my taste of the IM MOO course, this weekend. All the fun and challenge of the IM course, all the friendships of the TBC (tri-blog community).