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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Aug 3, 2006

Ironman Wisconsin bike preview. This 30 min video includes each and every mile of the 112 mile route. Taken on the road and from the air, you will get a great idea of what the course has to offer. Good luck. YOU DO NOT need an iPod to watch this. Works best from iTunes. If you have problems, I would be happy to send you a DVD copy. Make sure you watch the swim video to see T1 and the infamous helix.

Steve Stenzel
thirteen and a half years ago

Thanks for the great video, Stu! Sarah and I watched it start to finish. She doesn\'t want to lose any water bottles!

Will Lewis
thirteen and a half years ago

Stu, I haven\'t seen this yet but thank you very much for your continued help and motivation. I look forward to getting home and watching it on Itunes.

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thirteen and a half years ago

Great vid, Stu. Very informative as always!!!

thirteen and a half years ago

This is friggin\' awesome Stu, thanks for all your work getting this together and posting it!

Rob Oliver
thirteen and a half years ago

Nice vid, Stu!!! I am not entered in the IM wisconsin, but you certainly make it seem \"doable\" with your mile by mile analysis of the course. Although, you do seem to play up the downhill parts a bit, because you are such a positive person...ha! Very cool nonetheless!

thirteen and a half years ago

Hey Stu!

What a stellar video. I\\\'m so impressed! Thanks!


thirteen and a half years ago

Stu! You are wonderful for posting this! Thanks so much! This is just what I needed!

LaceDog Lacy
thirteen and a half years ago

This is the best preview a Wisconsin entrant could ever hope for...short of riding the course ahead of time. The hills look smaller than I remember from 2003, but I\'m certain my memory was affected a bit that day!

Keep up the great work here!