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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Stu is a Triathlon geek.

Oct 31, 2006

Stu is a Triathlon geek! No questions asked...... Here is proof:


1) I actually stopped my run at the bottom of the hill, changed the song on my iPod to "Eye of a Tiger" and ran the hill.


2) I took a bigger suitcase on a business trip just to add my running / cycling clothes.


3) I went for a run DURING a Packer game (please do not tell anyone about this)


4) I ran to the mailbox for 3 straight days waiting for Triathlete Magazine and Inside Triathlon Magazine


5) I secretly pulled my old triathlon magazines out of the trash and put them into my car trunk (they now sit proudly in my office)


6) I will never put my triathlon clothes next to my regular clothes. This seems perfectly normal to me.


7) I recently went on a business trip and actually considered wearing my running shoes on the plane. This thought ended quickly as I took them off, and placed them safely in my bag. What came over me?


8) I admit that my most anticipated movie release in the last several months is "What it Takes."


9) My latest purchase at a sports store was SportWash.


10) 99% of my searches on the internet are Triathlon based.


At least I admit it! I love triathlon!!!!!

thirteen and a half years ago

I\\\'m right there with ya Stu.

Mister P.
thirteen and a half years ago

I have to respectfully disagree. Most of that list simply makes you a Tri-Freak. Here\'s the difference between a Tri-Freak and a Tri-Geek: Your last purchase of SportsWash was at a sports store; I purchased MY last sports detergent online. ( :)

thirteen and a half years ago

Wow. There really are more people like me.
Note the time stamp from me and the other geek. Yeup, we\\\'re all in this together.

thirteen and a half years ago

great shot of you!

thirteen and a half years ago


I gotta tell you, I\\\'m relieved that I\\\'m not the only one out there working out during packer game.

See you in Mad-town \\\'07.

thirteen and a half years ago

You and me both, brother!

thirteen and a half years ago

Yup, you\'re officially a triathlon geek. Glad to see I\'m not the only one!

thirteen and a half years ago

The sad thing is I relate to all of those. \\\"WE\\\" are geeks....EMBRACE IT BABY!!!!!!