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Thank you Desiree!

Nov 5, 2006

Ok, I'm not a big fan of autographs. Never have been. I not even a big fan of seeing famous people. To me, these people are just like you and me. I have see many famous people up close. I've been next to a president, been close to a movie set and for the most part it is just another day. With triathletes, however, all rules are off. I'm in awe of triathletes. I would rather meet Peter Reid, Joanna Zeiger, Jamie Cleveland, Heather Haviland, Heather Gollnick, Mel or Andrea Fisher (all of whom I have met face to face). This is strange right? I never really thought about it until a few days ago.

I was sitting at my computer and as I do with all my buddies, I like to send a VM or an E-Mail wishing them well at an upcoming race. I sent an E-Mail to Desiree Ficker wisher her well in Kona. I didn't think much of it, and did not get an E-Mail back from her right away. Once the race was over, I had a few friends that had taken pictures of her (thanks to Casey and Joe). I sent them on to Desiree with another note. Today, I got a note back from her and was just floored that she took the time to do this. You see, I have written Santa Clause many times when I was young and never got a reply. I wrote a few of my football stars and never got a reply. I know that my daughter once wrote Lance and never got a reply. I'm sure that if I wrote Brett Favre or some other stars that I would never get a reply either.

That is not true with triathletes. I have E-Mailed many Pro Triatheles wishing them well or asking questions and to date have received a reply from EVERY SINGLE one of them. Desiree is just amazing and this is what makes the sport of Triathlon so great. This is a sport that just ROCKS! People like Desiree, Peter, Mel, Jamie, Andrea, Heather, and countless others make me just love this sport. Try and E-Mail the guys from the NBA, NFL or NHL and see how many replies you get! So I take my hat off to Desiree. After taking a strong second in Kona, she quickly replied. I hope this sport never changes. Thank you Desiree for being the Rock Star!

thirteen and a half years ago

sent a note to Joanna ZIeger congratulating her after her IM CDA win. Also noted I had the same bike setup as she (Griffen w/ Hed 3\\\'s)
Next day got a very nice reply with little more detail on her bike set up.
Very nice & unexpected.

thirteen and a half years ago

Agree Stu... I have seen Andrea and Desiree running in Austin on the trails and they are always approachable and seemingly interested in talking to novices and experienced tri-geeks. You don\'t get that from too many other top-notch athletes.

thirteen and a half years ago

She must have been going through her in box, because I got a peronalized reply from Desiree today as well. I had written her an almost incoherent e-mail whooping it up on her breakthrough race at Kona and she wrote some very kind words in return. Desiree is \"good people.\"

IM Able
thirteen and a half years ago

Although, unlike you, I go ga-ga when stars are around, I was really excited to get a response from Desiree, too! It was a whim of an email I sent her wishing her good luck at a local race we were both participating in and I was really blown away that she took the time to write me back! I hope the sport never changes...