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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

A Team RaceAthlete get together. Come join us!

Oct 11, 2006

Come on Team RaceAthlete. I would love to meet you!  Please come out to meet other RaceAthlete members! Many people will be in Boulder late Friday and all day Saturday October 20-21st! Would love to see you all! CYA in Boulder.

wrenching winz
almost fourteen years ago

How about a regional meeting: you know north, south east west kind of thing?

almost fourteen years ago

That\'s be great except for the fact that I am in NorCal! Anyone out here want to get together?

almost fourteen years ago

I am SO THERE!!! I\\\'d love to meet everyone and hear stories. What\\\'s the details? When, where, how? yadda yadda I don\\\'t have any money so no meals for me but hell, I can\\\'t miss it for the world!

Dawn - Pink Chick
almost fourteen years ago

T\'would be cool but can\'t make it this year. Perhaps another one somewhere in 2007.

almost fourteen years ago

\"CYA\" in boulder? \"CU\" in Boulder....(University of Colorado is in Boulder)

Stu, you have to do all the boulderites a favor and post your time up super flagstaff!!

almost fourteen years ago

Dang..would love to come.but i am all the way on the up here in Canada...