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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Oct 5, 2007

After a month of rest and relaxation, some needed quality time with my family, a temporary move, the final move, 600 rolls of sod, invisible fence training, unpacking, and just plain chaos… SimplyStu will be back November 1st with season #3!  Time to get back to some training!  Hope to see you soon with new postings,  and of course all new shows. And yes, an Ironman Wisconsin recap will be part of the mix. Can't wait to see and talk to you all again!  -Stu 

almost seventeen years ago

Hey, I was just wondering where you had gone to! I\\\'ve got a load of new fans who are hooked on the podcasts so looking forward to hearing you again.

almost seventeen years ago

It will be goooooood to have you back bro!

almost seventeen years ago

Good to hear -- my IPod needs some more awesome SimplyStu podcasts.

Rural Girl
almost seventeen years ago

Yah, when do I get to be on?! We\\\'ve got things to discuss, my friend!

almost seventeen years ago

Enjoy the break. Looking forward to your return to the Land-O-Podcast.

Stay tuned...