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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

New Tour Show Wednesday Night with winners (42t)

Jul 25, 2006

Check back with some VERY cool post Tour interviews and other cool stuff. Plus listen to see if YOUR name is read. Winners will be announced LIVE!

almost eighteen years ago

Stu! you are killing BOTH of us. i\\\'m just going to keep hitting refresh on my iTunes till it shows a new episode...

almost eighteen years ago

Would it help you decide on the ROL winner if I told you I did my first tri last weekend with an out of true wheel that was dragging on my brake?! :-)
I bet those SL28\\\'s wouldn\\\'t treat me like that.

almost eighteen years ago

I\'m hooked...on simplystu and the TdF. Since I just got TIVO, I decided to follow the Tour on OLN. However, I stumbled on your PODCAST and was hooked by your infectious enthusiasm...even before Floyd got the Yellow jersey in the mountains. The behind the scenes stuff was great. Keep it up! Looking forward to following your PODCAST throughout the year.

sixteen and a half years ago

eve isk
game gold
wow gold

almost eighteen years ago

AHHHHHHHH...the suspense is killing me!!! (by the way, thanks for all the work you did to bring us the insider stuff on the was great!!!)