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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Apr 25, 2006

Take a tour of Trek. Meet Zapata Espinoza, Tyler Pilger and Krista Rettig. These folks rock! Also meet Ben (Ironbenny) and James Bonney as they talk about Ironman Arizona! Win a WSD wind vest from MS 6.8.

eleven and a half years ago

建設業許可 大阪 
二次会 幹事 
成人式 振袖 

almost fifteen years ago

When re-listening to the Trek Bikes podcast I noticed that the Fit For Women Demo Tour web site as mentioned should actually be


over thirteen years ago

Hello from Canada. woman
Again! Another great podcast. thanks! seduction

almost fifteen years ago

Woohoo, Stu! Your best podcast yet. Great stuff in that one. How exciting to go through the Trek factory and meet all the \"bigwigs\".

Thanks and nice job, as always!

almost fifteen years ago

Hi Stu. Greetings from Tiree, a little island off the north west coast of Scotland. Loved this show, man. By the way a couple of weeks back I posted something to Triscoop saying i thought you were always trying to sell something. Many apologies. I\'ve become an avid listener and since downloaded lots of past episodes. Your podcast rocks.