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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Jul 31, 2006

Sometimes all we have is faith. I have thought a lot about the predicament that Floyd is in. What does he do? What do we do after putting our faith in him? Do we take it back? Do we wait? Do we do research to prove his innocence? What do we do? I'm not sure how you handle it, but I went to the source. Although Floyd may be the only one to know for sure, I went to the next best source. One of his coaches and friends - Dr. Allen Lim. As you will hear in the interview, Allen was with Floyd each and every step of the way. He knows Floyd. He knows Floyd as a cyclist. He knows Floyd as a man. He knows Floyd as a friend. Listen as he tells stories about Floyd. Be ready to laugh. Be ready to learn. Be ready to think. This is your chance to get a look at part of Floyd you will not see anywhere else.

I have judged and I have made up my mind for now. I have made up my mind until someone can prove Floyd wrong. I put my faith in Floyd because of what Allen has given me. I have put my faith in Floyd as I put my faith in many others. This may be naive, but you will learn loyalty is my strongest trait. I'm 100% loyal to my family. I'm 100% loyal to my friends. I'm 100% loyal to my listeners. Allen is in this category. He has given so much that I feel a loyalty to him. I will not be loyal to dishonesty, but an honest man like Allen gets my faith.

You can also see the picture I picked for the show today. It is a picture of an empty finish line. It is so perfect for this show. Everyone has faith that the riders will come. Everyone has faith that they will see his or her favorite rider. Everyone has faith that in the end, the truth happens. I'm loyal to the finish line and I'm putting my faith that in a few days or weeks, I will see Floyd cross the line and win the Tour de France again!

The Clyde
almost eighteen years ago

Dude? You CAN NOT load this to your site while I am work, do you know how much torture it is for me to have to wait to get home to listen to it?

(My work doesn\'t allow streaming media or downloading to our desktops).

These last two hours have DRAGGED!!!

bolder in boulder
almost eighteen years ago

stu, first time i\'ve listened to your podcast, and gave you a shout out on my blog for a great interview, and posted your podcast up on as well!

well done!

p.s. also dedicated a Sherman\'s Lagoon to you and the podcasters today on my blog -- besides a p-dawg salute, it is one of my highest honors.