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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

SimplyStu WorldWide Traithlon II Race Day!

Mar 23, 2007


The day is here! Please have fun and BE SAFE!

Please send pictures, stories or leave a voice mail to tell the world all about your day. We have people doing the triathlon from Guam to Japan, from Tampa to Seattle! Enjoy the day! Race Well!

Send pictures, video, or audio to or leave a voicemail at 202-449-5207 (limit to 2 minutes)

almost sixteen years ago

Hey STU!

I competed my SSWWTri today! It was an awesome time. I created a few video clips along the way that I\\\'m splicing together to post to my blog. I can\\\'t wait to hear how everyone\\\'s tri went!


almost sixteen years ago

Hi Stu,

This year I ended up doing 2 (yes 2!) tris, a sprint tri on Saturday and an oly tri on Sunday. Photos and results are posted on my blog. Double thanks for getting me out there!

almost sixteen years ago

Did my first triathlon on Saturday at the Edinburgh University Sprint. Had a superb time.
Photos sent. Next race in 2 wks time.
Can\\\'t wait!

Iron Eric
almost sixteen years ago

All three disciplines will be done at different times. My swim was this morning. I had a 1,000 time trial already scheduled so I put on my tri suit, wetsuit and goggles, and off to the pool. I set a personal record for my 1,000m swim. I set up a transition pretending I was headed out for a bike ride. That was sweet. Stay tuned for more...