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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Stu is back (Soon)

Sep 13, 2006

As you may have figured out, I've been working on some VERY VERY cool stuff. I have been so busy that I have not put out a Podcast in a few weeks. Here is a sneak peak of what is coming over the next few weeks.

1) New Podcasts with Andrea Fisher and Jamie Cleveland.

2) A companion website JUST for your spouse. I hope to help those that are NOT doing but have to deal with our "triathlon" behavior. Have your significant other check back soon for details.

3) Details on Race Athlete. This is so darn cool.

4) The start of Stu's Ironman Wisconsin journey.

5) SimplyStu WorldWide Triathlon II details.

6) Powertap clinic with Peter Reid and Melanie McQuaid details.

I have to catch my breath after the most awesome Ironman Wisconsin ever. Ironwil gave so much and I will always remember her "Wil" to race! What a day.


almost fourteen years ago

I\'ve been really missing your podcasts - all this upcoming stuff - I can\'t wait to hear more!

almost fourteen years ago


Can\\\'t wait for the next podcast...
We\\\'ll be riding next season, brother! I may not be doing IMWI, but that doesn\\\'t mean I\\\'m not training. Next year, I\\\'m going to a whole new level!!!


almost fourteen years ago

Hey Stu,

I\'m looking forward to Stu\'s Ironman Wisconson Journey.

I keep checking itunes every morning to see if you\'ve loaded a new podcast

almost fourteen years ago

Hey Stu, it was fun meeting you at sign up! If you manage the trip to Florida with Desiree, and think about it, throw up a post. I have some course specific questions that would be super helpful to answer over the course of training for the next few weeks. And remember, you\'re a married spud, you\'re a married spud....

almost fourteen years ago

You da man Stu, you will need \'no\' mental training, you are always \'fired up\' Love it

almost fourteen years ago

Good to have you back Stu...we\'ve missed you!!!
Excellent job with the IM Wisconsin coverage this year.

almost fourteen years ago

I hope you get that spouse-site up soon! I know MY wife would be very interested in that!

almost fourteen years ago

Holy cow! How did I get in a photo with Iron Wil and studly Stu holding an Ironman entry voucher? I think Stuey must have photoshopped my head onto some poor sap\'s body. (I\'m actually much taller).

This is going to be so cool.