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The Innocence of Sport

Jul 27, 2006

Think back to how you felt after stage 16 only to find the truth after stage 17. 

I have no idea what is going on, but I want to tell you a story. I got a question from a listener that asked why Dr Allen Lim and CycleOPS gave so much audio and "insider" information to the show. I thought about this question, and to be honest asked myself the same question. Well, I got the answer first hand from David from CycleOPS. As we sat at lunch yesterday, I asked him, and he simply said, "it is for our love of the sport."

We are now faced with the charges against Floyd. I have had 100 E-Mails and countless calls. Everyone is just floored. I'm not sure what to say, but I will tell you this. At the level that 99.9% of us are at with sport, we love the noise at the finish line. We love the finisher T-Shirt. We love when the announcer says "You are an IRONMAN." We love the innocence of sport. We love the 4am wake up calls. We love telling our friends that we are signed up to do an Ironman. We love the medal we get for finishing. We love the search for new nutrition ideas. We love saving enough money to buy a faster set of wheels. We love the thought of race day. We love talking to others doing the same race. We love the friendships that are formed in training. We love the feeling of sitting at the keyboard signing up for our first Ironman. We love the plaque on the wall that shows you finishing the race. We just love sport.

I know that Floyd loves the same things we do. I just hope and pray that the innocence is still something deep inside of him. Deep down inside I think this will pass and he will REMAIN the greatest champion. I'm behind you Floyd.  I believe in you.  I made the mistake of doubting after stage 16 only to learn about your heart at the end of 17.  I will not judge the same this time.  With that I put my trust in you!

almost eighteen years ago

My heart tells me that Landis is not a cheat.

almost eighteen years ago

My heart has sunk the the deepest pit of my stomach. I cannot wait till this situation is cleared up. I may be nieve, I may be optimistic, but I cannot bear to think that he is guilty.

almost eighteen years ago

Hey Stu,

WOW - being a Newbie to the sport of triathlon\'s this year I have really gotten into the Tour like no other year. I have learned so much about teamwork, who\'s position is what and how they work to produce for their leader. I have faith in Floyd as I am sure many others out there do. Something just does not add up and I hope that the truth comes through and he prevails through all of the adversity. We will still love the sport and everything that comes with it regardless of this outcome.

almost eighteen years ago

My guts are in knots right now...

The Clyde
almost eighteen years ago

Keep your head up Stu, ESPN stated that everytime a tour rider\'s A sample tested positive for testerone to date, the B sample has come back negative.

I personally don\'t believe the hype and believe a negative second test is shortly coming.

almost eighteen years ago

Hey Stu...

I\\\'m with you brother! My wife told me the news and I was devistated/Angry/...All kinds of emotions filled me.

After spending hours today, reading \\\"the hype\\\" and doing my own research, I feel in my gut this will work out. It may not be the \\\"B\\\" sample, but this just doesn\\\'t add up. Testosterone is a week/month gain drug, not an overnight miracle. If he we\\\'re using T to get an advantages (which I don\\\'t believe), his other tests would be positive. Using T just doesn\\\'t make sense. EPO...maybe, Blood Doping to increase RBC\\\'s...maybe, but not T. It provides little benefit to a cyclist for the cost. Unfortunately WADA and UCI don\\\'t look at things like this...Also, I heard that his T was normal, but his epitestosterone(?? on spelling), so it threw off the ratio.

almost eighteen years ago

I hope so to Stu. It would really be stupid and shitty for someone with so much support behind him to stoop to doping. I hope his B test comes back negative!