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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

I'm learning

Jun 27, 2007

I was ready to race. A bit nervous, but ready to race. Than it happened. Coach Mike sent all the people doing the High Cliff triathlon an E-Mail that was straight to the point. “I want you to write a race plan for the triathlon.?

What? In the past he gave us a general outline. This time was different. We had to tell...

High Cliff 1/2 Ironman

Jun 23, 2007

Tracy, Michelle and I made it to the race. We are all checked in and ready to roll. We plan to meet some friends and listen to Dick Hoyt speak tonight. Race day temps will be in the mid 80's. Results on Monday!

Safety Tabs Off

Jun 23, 2007

I have never been good taking the safety tabs off (thanks to my buddy Bold for this). My bike is ready, my coach believes in me. It's time for me to believe in me as well.


Bike Ready - Check!

Coach believes - Check!

Teammates believe - Check!

Stu believes - Time to find out! Check!

Bring on High Cliff 1/2...

I'm in love

Jun 21, 2007

When I first got my BMC with the cool Zipp wheels and the incredible PowerTap, I was in love. It was new. It was cool. It was amazing. That was than, this is now.

1400 miles later, 3 flats, 2 batteries, 10 washes (1 by a friend, a team member), at least 35 tubes of NUUN, 2 new team kits, and countless hours on the...

I met pure magic

Jun 11, 2007

It started like any other race. I was excited just to be in great shape and test my abilities just 3 days after my last sprint Aquathon race. After setting up my transition area, I looked at the sky and saw heavy rain. I smiled and just watched as the rain soaked the bikes, shoes and just about anything that wasn't...