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What does the M-Dot Stand for?

Sep 4, 2007

What does that [M]"Dot" mean?

It was my day off. Nothing to do. Just relax, eat and think about the upcoming holiday weekend. I decided to walk to State Street. For those that are coming to Madison, I'm sure State Steet will become your favorite spot. I'm so excited about Ironman that I decided to walk to the run turnaround. As I walked closer to the spot, I saw 2 kids run to the middle of the street and jump on the "dot." The one little girl looked at her dad and said "Hey dad, what's the dot for?" I'm not sure what the dad said, but all during my lunch I asked myself that same question.

"What does the dot stand for?"

1) It's a journey for sure. No question about it.

2) It's about spending time with family, friends, and all those people I have not yet met during the week.

3) It's about the cannon that starts the day.

4) It's about the necklaces that my kids bought at the 2005 Ironman. I didn't finish. They gave them to me. I plan to give them back at the finish of 2007.

5) It's about Cancer. Yep. I would NEVER have started triathlons if my daughter didn't get sick.

6) It's about friends. Close friends.

7) It's about State Street.

8) It's about training alone.

9) It's about training in a group.

10) It's about training with a newbie.

11) It's about road rash.

12) It's about eating dirt (or being willing to do so).

13) It's about the crowds.

14) It's about the feelings you get at mile 20.

15) It's about the guts you have at mile 21.

16) It's about telling people you've done an Ironman.

18) It's about eating well.

19) It's about the fantasy of eating a BigMac the week after the race.

20) It's about a Coach that believes in you more than you do at the start of the season.

21) It's about a Coach that holds you up on "One of those days".

22) It's about the people that think what you are doing is just crazy.

23) It's about the thought of seeing your family scream on race day.

24) It's about doing this list again, and coming up with 24 completely different entries (#25 never changes).

25) It's about seeing your children and wife at the finish line. This one doesn't change!

If someone you loves runs and jumps on that dot..... what will you say?

Mike Wimmer
almost seventeen years ago

I too have followed you from time to time linking from fellow bloggers. I was there today at the meet up with bolder and Roman and others. I did not get a chance to say Hi. Good Luck tomorrow. We are body marking in the AM and will be on the course cheering all the bloggers on. You will do great.