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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

RESULTS: 1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon

Mar 25, 2006


You MUST look at for the Simplystu Worldwide Triathlon] and The Simplystu Frappr page. There is a video on the Frappr page that is soooooo cool.

NOTE: I will NOT change the documents once I post them. I will just add new documents. If you already downloaded document 1, it will not change,...

Mar 24, 2006

1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon. Listen as Stu does the race - Live!

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Mar 21, 2006

Listen as the founder of Total Immersion talks about how the program was developed and founded. Also learn about triathlon transitions. Get advice from Jamie Cleveland and Jessi Stensland on transitions and week before race strategy.

Mar 11, 2006

Kids 'TRI' for FREE. Thanks to Coach Adam (from the NYRR Foundation, Team for Kids Marathon Training Program) for the chance to include kids in the 1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon. All kids will get a FREE T-Shirt as well as Z-Bars from Clif Bar. How cool is that? Come on parents, just get your kids out for...

1st Annual SimplyStu Worldwide Triathlon

Mar 4, 2006

Design Winners

CONGRATS to Joyce and Shirley for the AWESOME desgin. It was a rough choice, but this final design was to cool to pass up. This design will be on the back of the SimplyStu Worldwide Traithlon T-Shirts. Shirley and Joyce also designed a special logo to go on the front of the T-Shirts! Hope you all love the...