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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

"Yes - I did over 850 Miles"

Oct 5, 2006

"I've done almost 850 miles of training." She said with a hint of pride.

"What" I said?

"Yes, I've done almost 850 miles of training for the 3 Day Walk." This was said as if it was an everyday occurrence.

I sat in my chair and was just amazed. Could this be true? I did the math. Yep, must be right.

A few days later.....

"I did 13 miles today. It was warm, but we had a great time. The next day we did another 8." She said

"What? Really? I'm amazed." I said.

I paused for a minute and said "You are 70 years old."

Without pause, like it was expected, she replied, "Yep."

The conversation continued. She had asked about what I eat and drink, so I told her about NUUN. I love this stuff. It is so amazing. A few days later I got another E-Mail.

"Hey - I tried that NUUN stuff and LOVE it."

"Yeah, it is great stuff." I said.

"I used it on my 2nd bottle, and it made a difference, the taste is so mellow. I just love it." she said like a seasoned athlete.

"What flavor do you like?" I said.

That exchange of E-Mails was not out of the ordinary until you look at who I was talking to. This was a women who at age 40 or even 50 had never walked 5 miles in a row. EVER. All of the sudden she got the bug, started to walk and did the Disney 1/2 Marathon. If I have my facts right, she even won her age group once. Ok, so what's so weird about this? Well, this is a women who now talks as much about running as I do. E-Mails like:

"Hey, I found these new socks, you have to try them." or

"What gels do you use?" or

"Hey, I love this NUUN stuff, but what flavor do you use?"

You get the picture. Before I end this story, lets give you a few more details....

This women has training and finished the 3 Day Walk before. She raised money for Breast Cancer and walked 3 straight days about 20 miles a day. This is awesome for a 50 year old, much less a 70 year old. I can remember she E-Mailed me right before she did it last year. I told her "I bet you sign up again next year. This type of thing just gets in your blood." A few days after the finish, I got the E-Mail. "You are right. I did it again. I signed up."

This year, she is doing it again. She has trained by doing over 850 miles. She is just like me - age means nothing. In fact, if you look at her, ask her, or talk to her, you might guess she is 50 at the most. Just ask the young girls she trains with and have a hard time keeping up.

Oh, one last thing. This young 70 year old women is my Mom! My incredible mom!

Good luck on the the 3-Day this year!

almost fourteen years ago

The best and funniest part of that story is the last line. \\\"she\\\'s my mom.\\\"
Great build up.

Dawn - Pink Chick
almost fourteen years ago

Way to go MOM!

almost fourteen years ago

Wow! Now I see where you get all that energy from, Stu!

almost fourteen years ago

Stu - your mom ROCKS! I could already tell that when I met her at St. Anthony\'s but, wow, now she is really, really cool. I am trying to convince my mom to Danskin TeamSurvivor - any suggestions?

almost fourteen years ago

Your mom ROCKS! :) Hope she has FUN!

Jay F
almost fourteen years ago

Stu: You come from great genes! Go Stu\'s Mom!

almost fourteen years ago

Wooooohooooooo! Go mom!

Big surprise that someone with whom you share 50% of your genetic material is a leeeeeetle bit enthusiastic.

Seeing someone \"get the bug\" and change themselves from the inside out is what I live for.

IM Able
almost fourteen years ago

Awwww...Go MOM!!! Good for YOU!!!

almost fourteen years ago

Awesome story. So cool that she is so involved. A running coach in our club tries to get anyone involved and stresses \'forward motion\' as progress for beginners, I\'ll let her know about your story, inspiration and motivation comes from any person at any age.

almost fourteen years ago

go Stu\'s mom!

what a role model at any age. plus, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

thank you to Stu\'s mom, from the bottom of my heart.

almost fourteen years ago

Good luck and have fun, Mom!!! :)