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SimplyStu Podcast Series

Welcome to my Podcast.  I love what I do and hope you enjoy the shows!

Jul 22, 2006

A true Champion will wear Yellow to Paris. Listen as you hear the lowest of the low period in Floyd's journey and the highest of the high. You will witness the mark of a true champion.

almost eighteen years ago

Stu, your coverage of the tour was the best, what a great way to see/hear about the tour. It was awesome, thank you so much.

almost eighteen years ago


Wasn\\\'t that a great tour? I didn\\\'t saw all of it and this is the first time i watch TdF. These guys are going so fast.

almost eighteen years ago

Stu: AWESOME tour coverage. You are the MAN. I love how podcasting is in the veeeeery begining of being able to rival mainstream media, and you area a prime example of this with your insider\\\\\\\'s guide to the TdF.
It is monday, and still no ROL/SkirtSports/PowerTap winners announced? I\\\\\\\'m getting antsy! I did my first tri w/ an out of True rear wheel taht was dragging on my brake yesterday and would LOVE to replace it w/ a nice set of ROL wheels. :-)

Keep it up STU! You should do more of what you did with the tour on ironman events! It\\\\\\\'d be great to see how professional ironmen/women prepare for the race.